Since the first operation in January 2004, STC-Vietnam has employed a number of highly educated, skillful and young Vietnamese professionals to give supports for all activities of the STC-Group in Vietnam. With background in many fields such as ship model and engineering, IT science, modern art and graphical designs, website design and development, maritime integrated logistics and management, a dedicated and collaborative staff team of STC-Vietnam is capable to provide creative and productive service as well as to meet all diversified client’s requirements at high standard.

STC-Vietnam is equipped with a number of modern hardware and software, especially the latest development software and simulator platforms which were very unique in Vietnam for many years. In the workshop of STC-Vietnam, the 2D and 3D databases of ports, rivers, all types of ship model and off-shore super-infrastructures around the world are collected and visualized by the production team namely Visual Database Team.

In relation to all the activities, the STC-Vietnam has developed a thorough know-how and capacity in the specialized fields of:

• Visual Database Development for bridge and port simulators

• Scenario development for the Transport Chain Simulator (TCS ® )

• Graphical design and web design, promotion activities